Today was a day to rest and recover, Kim, Isaac and Ben joined Glen and I at the Leeds University accommodation and caught up on stories and jokes while we discussed what to do. It turned out that we had all woken up at about 4:30am wide awake and ready to get up, some of us did get up and some just couldn't sleep, we all need our body clocks to adjust to GMT, which I think they will do in stages, hopefully tonight we don't wake up until at least 6:30am and so on until we are fully acclimatized to this time zone.. then it will be back home and the whole process will start again.
The Corn Exchange in Leeds, Boutique shops in a building shaped like a rugby ball.
It was an open day for Leeds University, so the campus was busy with prospective students and their parents looking around and getting lost amongst the buildings of the extensive campus, which happened to be exactly what we were doing. Isaac, Glen and Ben found a shop in the Student Union building and came back with Union Jack umbrellas to ward off the rain and some ramen noodles. Kim and I took a trip to grab some basic supplies and came across some wonderful buildings, one of which was the Corn Exchange. We didn't have long to stop and look in all the stores but there seemed to be a fascinating collection of boutique shops all around the outside edge on two stories, each store just a single room large enough for a couple of people at a time and packed with handmade and vintage clothing, curios, oddities and a tattoo parlor with a distinguished skeleton as a doorman. 
A cravat and cuffs are the essentials of a gentleman's attire.
Below ground level was another ring of outlets selling food and coffees, we didn't stay long as we had made a list and stopping here wasn't on it. I'm not sure that the lower section was part of the original victorian design but the circular 'hole in the floor' was eye catching and inviting, however when one of your friends is in a wheelchair you start to see flights of stairs like these as brick walls. I'm not sure there is any disabled access to this building, we had a quick look around as I'm sure Glen would have loved to see it but could only find more steps outside.
"like a wheel within a wheel"
We were all getting tired as the afternoon progressed and decided to explore our options for dinner. Close to the campus there is a pub called the 'Dry Dock' which seems to be a ship which has been dumped at a fork in the road and turned into a student bar, possibly the product of an elaborate student hoax, the vessel having been piloted across town by inebriated graduates believing that it would reveal their, previously unrecognized, genius. This was to be Isaac and Glens first experience of 'mushy peas' which was part of the fish and chips they ordered, the traditional cuisine was met with some hesitance regarding both its appearance and texture.
We also talked at length about the upcoming show, what we might find at the venue and what last minute changes we would like to make. The show has been constantly developing since its first performance, the process of devising and creation a collaborate effort, by the end of next week it will have been staged in three cities, across three continents, each time growing and changing in response to the sociocultural context, the time we have had to prepare and ultimately the performers themselves.
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This is some amazing information about the Corn Exchange and what a beautifully laid structure it has. No doubt, you will experience some unforgettable moments while visiting it and it offers some unlimited luxuries of life. Thank you.


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